Creating Zlippo’s! Do you dare to take the challenge?
With good support it is a piece of cake. Your field is given an extra dimension. It is also possible to refresh your knowledge or to be informed about the latest developments.
The aim of the course: To make a beautiful and functional Zlippo slipper and sandal.
You can follow the courses online or offline.





During the online course there will be 4 to 6 participants.
Block 1: Explanation about the concept and the casuistry with Zlippo slippers and sandals. Discussion about all the specifics per Zlippo model.
Block 2: Measuring the Zlippo slippers and sandals and the pre-finish Slippers and Slippers.
Block 3: Modelling the footbeds.
Block 4: Preparing the footbed with outsole, top layer, ascending and unwinding bar. Adjusting the Zlippo slippers and sandals.
Block 5: Finishing the Zlippo with the latest insights
Block 6: Measuring the feet for custom shafts.
Block 7: Tips and solutions for problems with manufacturing podo footwear

Duration: A total of 5 hours
Training points: 5


Advanced workshop of Zlippo 60 min
• Online and in person per practice
• You will receive enough login codes so that all colleagues can participate.
• New tips and techniques for advanced users.
• Answering questions
• The latest digital version of the Course folder




Course modelling with Voxelcare

In 3 steps you will learn all the possibilities of the user-friendly Voxelcare cad cam program. In addition, there is the possibility to have the footbeds of the slippers and sandals be milled by Zlippo. Using your browser, log into the Zlippo’s Voxelcare environment. You do not have to purchase any software yourself. After completing the course you can immediately use the software. Now you are able to deliver Zlippo slipper and sandals to your patients without having to invest in expensive software or milling machines. An additional advantage is that you are allowed to use the Zlippo database and easily ask questions to our specialists. By modelling it yourself in the software, you have full control over the functionality of the footbed. Interested? For more information click here?


Podo footwear manufacturing courses in Zlippo Atelier

Course program Day 1:
Explanation Zlippo concept
Measuring Zlippo slippers and sandals
Applicability with Zlippo podo footwear with practical cases
What is involved in manufacturing podo footwear: Modeling, preparing the footbed, assembling it.
You make your own pair of slippers or an example for in your practice (a material package is required for this).
Note: You must study the online course Block 1,2 and 3 in advance.

Start: 10.00 a.m. (Reception 9.45 am)
Finished: 4 p.m.
Training points day 1: 5 points

Course program Day 2:
Tips for finishing complex podo footwear,
Practicing orthopedic modifications to podo footwear: unwinds, ascending, buffer heel
Explanation about various repairs.
Explanation, fitting and options for prefinished slippers / slippers / house shoes
Explanation of manufacturing the podo shoe (a material package is required for this).

Start: 10.00 am (Reception 9.45 am)
End time: 4 p.m.
Training points day 1: 4 points

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