The procedure

Freefeet is a therapeutic flip flop and consists of an individual footbed custom made by your therapist and a leather upper.

The first appointment:

  • Your Freefeet therapist examines your problems and makes a treatment plan.
  • The therapist makes a 3D scan of your feet.
  • The therapst draws the footbed of your flip-flop in the computer including the therapeutic elements. The objective is to assure your individual theraphy.
  • The footbed may contain different hardness grades which enables comfortable cushioning; it is also possible to make adjustments in the footbed.
  • You select the colour and the design of Freefeet. There is a wide range of designs and colours of leather.
  • Your Freefeet therapist determines the hardness grade, the height and the thickness of the flip-flop.

The second appointment:

  • 2 – 3 weeks later you have your second appointment during which Freefeet is measured on your feet.
  • While you wait, Freefeet is adjusted and finished off in the lab.
  • After the walk test and possible further adjustments (where necessary), your Freefeet is ready for you.

Should it be the case that despite all the efforts your Freefeet does not fit well, you can always come back in order to adjust or modify your Freefeet.

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