For whom

Have you got insoles in your shoes?
Have you got problems finding shoes that fit?
Do your toes stick out? Have you got high instep?
Have you got problems while wearing flip flops?
Do you suffer pain when wearing flip flops or sandals?

Freefeet offers you a wide range of unique designs.
Freefeet allows you to choose a colour that fits you.
Freefeet delivers exceptionally high quality.
Freefeet has developed special flip flops and sandals for various foot problems.

Your podiatrist makes bespoke orthodics for you which is similar to the one in your shoes. Your podiatrist then orders a fitting upper which you have selected yourself. During the second appointment your podiatrist makes your comfortable flip flop or sandal using the bespoke orthodics and the upper. This unique teamwork between the podiatrist and Zlippo provides you with a perfect bespoke flip flop. Watch the short film to see how it works.